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People are booking Christmas vacations earlier than ever before

Last September, the travel industry agonized over a dearth of Christmas bookings. This September, some hotels are already fully booked for the holiday season.  

Vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers are going to different sets of Caribbean islands

The British Virgin Islands are part of a rising number of Caribbean destinations that attract vaccinated travelers — while proving less attractive to unvaccinated people.

CTV is Fueling the 'Performance Branding' Boom

Brand marketing is changing, here’s how disciplined marketers can take advantage.

PodNews newsletter

At Podcast Movement, Megaphone Launched its Audience Insights Dashboard, working with Nielsen

Podcast Business Journal

Megaphone Launches Insights Tool


Spotify Unit Rolls Out Megaphone Audience Insights Dashboard

Campaign US

Spotify ties Nielsen demos to audience measurement on podcasts


Verve Group Acquires Smaato, Securing A Spot As A Top 10 Global Ad Exchange


Google’s cookie delay may offer breathing room but should be used with caution, say marketers

Market Watch

Google is in the hottest antitrust seat, but Apple and the rest of Big Tech shouldn’t breathe easy


‘They will need to use multiple routes’: Shifts appear in the publisher-SSP union, as alternative identifiers proliferate


Ad tech’s revival: boom or bubble?

Market Watch

China is cracking down on its own tech giants, but Apple and the U.S. IPO market could pay the price

Ad Exchanger

MGI’s Verve Group Adds Smaato For $170M, Scales Up For Post-Consolidation Ad Tech

The Wall Street Journal

After Apple Tightens Tracking Rules, Advertisers Shift Spending Toward Android Devices

The Wall Street Journal

After Apple Tightens Tracking Rules, Advertisers Shift Spending Toward Android Devices

Campaign US

Tinuiti becomes first U.S. indie agency with TikTok campaign management badge


TikTok Strikes Deal With Tinuiti To Give Clients Access To New Ad Opportunities 

The Wall Street Journal

Tinuiti to Acquire Connected TV Ad-Buying Business Bliss Point Media


Spotify Audience Network Extended to Australia, Canada, UK

Psychology Today

How Do Destructive Leaders Attain (and Sustain) Power?

Elle Mexico

Gossip Girl apenas estrenó y ya está rompiendo récords en HBO Max

Harper's Bazaar

Gossip Girl Is Already Breaking Streaming Records

The Wall Street Journal

Mediaocean to Buy Adtech Company Flashtalking for $500 Million

The Wall Street Journal

Apple’s Moves to Tighten Flow of User Data Leave Advertisers Anxious

Apple Insider

Advertisers expect iCloud Private Relay to end fingerprinting users


How Apple’s Private Relay could be the beginning of the end for fingerprinting on iOS devices

Ad Exchanger

Why Publishers Need Walled Gardens—With Lots of Entry Points

Street Fight

Peer39 Uses First-Party Audience Data to Power Contextual Ads

Ad Exchanger

AdExchanger’s Regularly Updated Guide To UID 2.0

The Dallas Morning News

How two brothers quickly built testing, vaccination and document platforms for the COVID era

The Wall Street Journal

Google’s User-Tracking Crackdown Has Advertisers Bracing for Change

Broadcasting +Cable

Tatari, Clearco Help New Brands Access up to $10 Million for TV Ads

The Wall Street Journal

Google Crushed Many Digital Ad Rivals. But a Challenger Is Rising.


Consumers' 'Intent' Starts With Consent, Says Analytics Platform Bombora


How Publisher Future Benefited From The Challenge Of Covid-19

The Wall Street Journal

Tinuiti Acquires Amazon Specialist Ortega Group, Adds Kevin Mayer To Board

Ad Exchanger

Google's Latest Announcement Confirms Cookie Deprecation Is A Chance To Kick The Identifier Addiction, Not Replace It

Ad Exchanger

Peer39 Has a New Marketplace For Unconventional Contextual Targeting Data

Ad Exchanger

To Succeed Without Cookies, Try Content Commerce

Market Watch

House Members Assail Big Tech (Again), Consider Changes to Antitrust Law

Ad Exchanger

Flashtalking Acquires Protected Media to Bolster OTT Fraud Detection Services


More Than a Moment-How to Win, as the Pandemic Continues to Shape the Affiliate Playbook


How the "New Normal" Should Influence your 2021 Media Mix


Can the Pandemic Take Us Back to the Pre-9/11 Version of Ourselves?

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Donors Say They Plan to Continue to Give in 2021

Ad Exchanger

The Crawl, Walk, Run Guide To Contextual Targeting

Ad Exchanger

The Big Story: What We FLoC About When We FLoC About Google


'A second chance for publishers’: How Future PLC is using first-party data to sell against high-intent audiences


Turns Out Context May Be King, After All

Ad Exchanger

Audience Isn’t The Only Solution To CTV’s Transparency Issues

Brand United

5 Ways the Pandemic Should Influence Brands’ 2021 Planning


Protectionist behavior & isolationism in affiliate marketing harm the modern marketer

Advertising Week 360

COVID Is Testing The Intangible Bonds Of Trust That Make Our Industry Work

Mobile Marketing

Movers and Shakers: Essence, Wavemaker, Integral Ad Science, Magnite, and more

Pod News

Anchor makes payout changes

Broadcasting & Cable

The Much-Needed Breakdown of Siloed TV Buying in the Pandemic


What marketers need to know about authenticity in influencer marketing

Investable Universe

Viking VC: Iceland Seeks Investors As It Turns Natural Resources Into Life Science Growth Engine


Movers & Shakers: Domino’s, Mother, Dunkin’, Vans, YouTube, S4 Capital

Ad Week

To Navigate the Trump-Biden Transition, Brand Leaders Should Take the ‘Dinner Party Test’

New York Times

Using the Pandemic as an Opportunity to Lose Weight and Get in Shape


How Spotify is shaping the next era of podcasting

Herald Democrat

Head of COVID-19 testing company visits Sher-Den sites


Upwave Automates CTV Campaigns Via Google


CTV Measurement Is Doomed Unless Google, Roku, Apple And Amazon Collaborate


COVID-19 tests available at Austin College


Upwave Starts Automated CTV, Digital Data Integration For Google Campaign Manager


Grayson County colleges offer free COVID-19 testing for community

Tech Crunch

Payfone raises $100M for its mobile phone-based digital verification and ID platform

American Banker

Payfone rebrands, buys authentication tech from Early Warning


Where to Travel Now? We’re All Just Guessing


Examining Radio, Streaming Audio, and Podcast Advertising Opportunities amid the Pandemic

Phocus Wire

China sees uptick in flight searches and bookings

This Week In Startups

E1096: Podcasting State of the Union featuring Overcast's Marco Arment & Oxford Road's Dan Granger


The Executive Roundtable: Andreas Cohen of I-COM Global on Marketing Attribution, AI and Building Communities in the Virtual Space


Partnerize Snaps Up Pepperjam, As Affiliate Networks Fly Off The Shelves

Apple Podcasts

How does PC Gamer puts together its PC Gaming Show for E3?

Target Marketing

The Facebook Advertiser Exodus Will Redefine How Brands Buy Local at Scale


Campaign Snapshot: AXE Takes Anti-Bullying Message to the Field


What’s The Best Multiscreen Attribution Study? It Depends On Your Campaign Goals.


The Dangerous Link Between Coronavirus and Obesity

Healthcare Business News

Supply chain lessons emerging from the coronavirus pandemic

AW 360

3 Ways Brands Can Reestablish Their Footing to Dominate 2020

Digital Commerce 360

Who shops the most online, liberals or conservatives?


The One Where Adtech and Martech Get Married


Recovery Rises: The Cross-Channel Outlook For 2020

Business Insider India

'Mulan' flopped in its box-office debut in China


Now Is the Time for B2B Content

Demand Gen Report

ARCOS Turns Web Traffic Into Pipeline With Intent Data


Disney 'very pleased' with 'Mulan' debut ahead of China opening


Disney's 'Mulan' Scores $33.5 Million In Streaming Labor Day Release: Industry Estimate


This Time, We're Indexing You

Ad Exchanger

Comcast Doubles Down On Ad-Supported Streaming With Deal For Xumo