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What We Do


Traditional PR practices imply that success means generating press coverage, ensuring beneficial relationships with audiences and asserting a brand image is enough. We dive deeper and have more strategic involvement with our clients to generate better results. We work with other resources beyond press, such as analysts, conference partners, and other thought leaders, to develop, and then assert our clients’ own thought leadership. This enhances their business development efforts, helps them build their teams and partner networks, and increases revenue. We indemnify our results in writing at the start of every arrangement.

Bad News You'd Rather Not Read About?


Although many communications and PR firms make general claims regarding their crisis management skills, only few know how to suppress bad news and effectively manage the communications during an ongoing crisis. We have more experience in crisis management than the leadership at some of the global firms who specialize in it, which is why some of these firms have turned to us to manage multiple crises for their clients in interactive media. We’re happy to provide references who can speak directly about our work on behalf of clients with the White House and Executive Branch Agencies, The U.S. Senate, The New York Attorney General, and other government and non-government agencies

How We Do It


We study your company, your competition, your brand image, your differentiation, your positioning, and what your competitors say when they sell against you. Using our primary analysis, we integrate ourselves into the fabric of your company and identify what the best opportunities are within your market segment, which we have to know at least as well as you do in order to add the kind of value we do.

In doing so, we find the best venues for speaker placement, lead generation and press coverage, and the best angles for all of these. This is what we love to do and how our clients get the most out of our partnership. Before any external communication is ever attempted, clients routinely glean value from their relationship with WIT Strategy since we provide a perspective they cannot get otherwise.


Who We Partner With

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