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Who We Are


Each member of WIT Strategy brings a journalistic and a business background to our clients. There are no “PR” majors here.

We’ve been reporters, columnists, editors, Washington lobbyists and industry leaders running multi-million-dollar P&L’s at major media and technology companies. We’ve owned our own, long-published bylines and done business at the highest levels in the interactive media and technology segments our clients work in today.

WIT Strategy has been a preferred resource for journalists, analysts, and industry influencers in digital media and technology since 2002. Our blend of business and journalistic background gives us an unusual differentiator, enabling us to provide our clients with valuable business perspective along with contextual and insightful perspective on industry idioms. Our experience makes us much more than a “PR” or “Communications” firm. Clients hire us for the terrific ROI they derive from our media placements, and many have expanded their work with us for the value they realize from our business consulting. 

Most of our clients come to us from warm referrals, and many others come from members of the press. Reporters know they won’t hear from us until and unless we have something of value for them. It’s our job to work closely with our clients first to extract that value.


Our Team

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